Performance Valves and Seats :  Cylinder head re-configuration is useful to improve breathing and to alter engine performance characteristics.  This can be one of the most potent sources of increased power for any internal combustion engine.  Many factors come into play on custom machining of cylinder heads, with the primary utility of the vehicle to be the first consideration.  Heads can be re-worked with torque at low end, high rpm horsepower, or even fuel economy and engine efficiency as desired target results.  The following valve train components can help reach desired cylinder head efficiencies.
The Valve itself:
Performance valves can:
1.Flow more: Re-sized (larger or smaller), polished, swirl finished, lathe turned, & undercuting are all possible on replacement valves to allow target flow rates.
2.Last longer: made of different materials better able  to withstand the increased temperatures and corrosive exposure created by performance engines and exotic fuel blends.  Can also be chosen to withstand different valve to seat pressures. 
3.Rev higher: can be possible when lighter materials and alloys are used in forming the valve.
4.Alter valve train geometry: custom lengths and stem sizes possible for altered valve train necessities such as modified rocker arms or liter/follower configurations.
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