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Cylinder head and block re-surfacing operations:  May be performed on nearly any cylinder head or block to re-new surface condition and eliminate warpage or surface irregularities caused from damage or gasket  imprinting.  Can also be used to modify combustion chamber volume.  Surface repair can also be performed on irregular parts, such as manifolds, timing covers, etc. to eliminate sealing surface problems from warpage and/or damage.

Resurfacing: used to correct surface finish.
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Two views of a Cummins 6.7L cylinder head being resurfaced after big valve seat installation and intake manifold removal to allow use of an aftermarket performance intake system.  The resurfacing on this head was done to approximately 80 RMS, spec being 66 to 130, for a MLS gasket.  The process is the same for the block, the difference being the machine setup.
Cylinder Head & Block Resurfacing:

Both views here show the resulting surfaces after resurfacing operations were performed.   In this case, the resurfacing  was performed to insure  casting geometry and to allow fire ring machining to be done on flat, near perfect sealing surfaces.
Flycutting irregular steel surfaces with Bridgeport to true steel flange faces to insure good gasket sealing.
Custom Turbo Exhaust manifold resurfacing: