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Cummins Cylinder Head Operations:
  1. -Stock Valve Grinding and  recession correction.
  2. -Cylinder head resurfacing to any required finish.
  3. -Valve Guide repair or replacement.
  4. -OEM configuration seat replacement and swedge operations.
  5. -Crack Repair
  6. -Pressure Testing.
  7. -Magnafluxing.
  8. -Performance Valve and Seat work.
  9. -Valve bowl Blending.
  10. -Port and runner Relieving
  11. -Port and runner Polishing.
  12. -CNC fire ring groove machining.
  13. -"O" ring groove machining.
  14. -Intake manifold modifications and
  15. removal for aftermarket manifold.
  16. -Head bolt hole enlargement for 14
  17. MM head studs.
  18. -Flow Bench testing/port matching.
Complete Cummins cylinder head packages:
1.MHP Street Performance Big Valve conversion
2.MHP Race Performance Big Valve conversion
3.Intake Manifold removal and machining
4.Complete bolt on conversion Cylinder Head